Who is the Drake Foundation, and what is the purpose of The Concussion Database?

The Concussion Database is an educational resource dedicated to helping researchers accelerate discovery and development of diagnostics and management of concussions (mTBI) and related brain injury. The Concussion Database was founded by The Drake Foundation, a UK-based not-for-profit organization committed to improving evidence-based measures for the understanding of concussion injuries in sport. The Drake Foundation and the Concussion Database do not endorse any specific product, opinion or scientific approach. The use of the site is intended as a resource for the benefit of scientists and other interested individuals.

How are articles selected and indexed?

A search of PubMed was run using the terms Concussion or mTBI or TBI or CTE or Sports concussion. Articles were subsequently screened by The Drake Foundation and any papers lacking relevance to research in mTBI/concussion, CTE, brain injury, head injury, dementia, head trauma, etc. were removed. Full text articles were then categorized into the database to allow granular search functions

How do I get access to the full-text of the articles?

No articles are hosted on The Concussion Database. Full-text articles can be accessed via the publisher sites, linked to from each article page. Subscriptions or payments may be required for access.

How do I recommend an amendment or addition?

The Concussion Database is a collaborative project and we’d be delighted to hear your suggestions, you can contact us on cd@drakefoundation.org

How can my organization support The Concussion Database?

To learn more about corporate support, please visit www.drakefoundation.org/concussion/concussion-database/